News - For more safety in day-to-day work!

For more safety in day-to-day work!

Whether it’s in the office or on the construction site: safety at work is essential.

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News - The new catalogues 2020 are out now!

The new catalogues 2020 are out now!

Our new Eurotec catalogues for the year 2020 out now! → Take a look inside!

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News - Rod dowel

Rod dowel

Use the cylindrical rod dowel as a connecting element in timber construction.

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News - Aluminium concrete bracket

Aluminium concrete bracket

Combine the aluminium concrete brackets with our aluminium system profiles EVO, EVO Light and Eveco.

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News - Downpipe hose

Downpipe hose

The Eurotec downpipe hose drains the rainwater in a safe and controlled manner, furthermore it can be attached and removed without any difficulty.

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News - Work gloves

Work gloves

The robust quality of the Eurotec work gloves are suited for a variety of tasks.

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News - Laser Rangefinder

Laser Rangefinder

The new Lase Rangefinder – it is suitable for general as well as professional use

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News - Drill-Stop for profile drilling screw

Drill-Stop for profile drilling screw

The new Drill-Stop is optimised for the Eurotec 5,5 mm profile drilling screw and prevents the screw from shearing off when boring.

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News - BASE-Line adjustable pedestals

BASE-Line adjustable pedestals

The new modular system for substructures made of aluminium and timber.

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News - Uni-Tape


The Eurotec Uni-Tape is a polyethylene bonding tape with a high-strength, moisture-resistant polyacrylate adhesive with excellent ageing resistance.

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News - The new Rock concrete screw

The new Rock concrete screw

The Rock concrete screw hexagonal BIM A2 is the practical alternative to traditional plugs and a special screw for anchoring in concrete.

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News - New to our product range: Roof accessories!

New to our product range: Roof accessories!

Our new roof accessories include some new products like the Ridge batten holder, the Ridge screw, the Roller ridge and many more!

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News - SawTec


SawTec is a wood screw with special screw tip and saw teeth under the plate head. The screw has a two-stage cylinder head. The special geometry of the screw tip reduces screw-in torque and also avoids splitting effect…

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News - Tri-Deck-Tec


The Tri-Deck-Tec, made from hardened stainless steel, is a screw, that was specifically developed for the visible attachment of WPC terrace decking boards to wooden or WPC substructures. The screws are available in white…

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News - Auminium eave / Aluminium cover

Auminium eave / Aluminium cover

The aluminium eaves offers an additional opportunity to form the terrace edge. Combined with the aluminium cover, the side openings can be closed.

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News - Drill Tool 50X

Drill Tool 50X

The drill tool 50X is a drilling jig for the invisible attachment of decking.

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News - Level Mate

Level Mate

The Eurotec Level Mate is a reusable levelling system for tiles. The system is also suitable for use by both experienced tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts.

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News - Fassadenclip-Rhombus


The Façadeclip for Rhombus profiles was developed for use with façade profiles. The system consists of a Rhombus Starter façade clip and a Rhombus-façade clip.

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News - DrainTec Base

DrainTec Base

The DrainTec Base is the ideal addition to our DrainTec Drainage Grate. Thanks to the DrainTec Base, our DrainTec Drainage Grate can now also be used at ground level on gravel, sand and other substrates.

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News - 12in1 ratchet screwdriver

12in1 ratchet screwdriver

The Eurotec 12-in-1 ratchet screwdriver can be put to universal use. It has a magazine with 12 different bits that extends automatically at the touch of a button. The ratchet function on the screwdriver with clockwise…

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News - EST rod dowel

EST rod dowel

Eurotec’s self-drilling EST is a double-threaded screw with an innovative arrow drill and a specifically developed chip-removing groove. Ideally suited for hidden connections in combination with our T-profile. The…

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News - T-profile


Eurotec’s T-profile is a hidden aluminium wood connector for use both indoors and outdoors. Suitable in terms of geometry for right-angled and inclined connections of individual beams in wood / wood and wood / concrete…

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News - Here are our new catalogues!

Here are our new catalogues!

The new catalog and terrace catalog 2019 are here! Also this year, you can expect many new products and developments. Take a look now!

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News - MaTre band

MaTre band

The MaTre band is used for material separation and thus prevents creaking noises between the aluminium profiles and planks.

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News - Post anchor 135 + 65

Post anchor 135 + 65

The post anchor meets all the requirements of constructive wood protection. It can be installed on to the end-grain without additional timber framing works and pre-drilling. After installation, the post anchor can still…

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News - L-shaped wattle fence fitting

L-shaped wattle fence fitting

The L-shaped wattle fence fitting is a bracket used to install privacy protection and fence elements. The fence fittings are screwed into the (pre-drilled) wooden posts by hand, the privacy protection walls made of wood…

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News - Because we never stand still

Because we never stand still

In 2013 we moved to Hagen. In 2015, we expanded our production capacities. In 2016, the construction of the production hall was added, in which we had the machine park moved in early 2018. Now we continue with a second…

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News - XS/XXS adjustable pedestal and XXS extension plate

XS/XXS adjustable pedestal and XXS extension plate

To expand our Profi-Line series of adjustable pedestals, we are now offering the new XS/XXS adjustable pedestal and XXS extension plate. The PRO XS/XXS adjustable pedestals are supplied with both an L adapter and a stone…

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News - SonoTec, sound insulation cork

SonoTec, sound insulation cork

The SonoTec soundproof cork is a combination of the components cork and natural rubber. This product is suitable for the application of vibration damping where very high isolation values are required and can be used as…

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News - Insulating stud anchor

Insulating stud anchor

The Eurotec stud anchor is suitable for direct anchoring in polystyrene, rigid foam panels and other soft construction materials. The conical shape of the anchor ensures that the material is compacted in the area of the…

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